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Digital Freemasonry



Here you can find all the official acts of Digital Freemasonry.

Signatories of Digital Freemasonry Declaration – March 19, 2022

Before you start researching or studying the official acts of Digital Freemasonry that are available on this website, here is a quick overview and insight of some interesting information that preceded the process of forming Digital Freemasonry.

The beginning of Digital Freemasonry, it is officially said that it was created on March 19, 2021. During the First General Assembly of the World Union of Sovereign Lodges – LIBERTAS 5775. The reason why this is the date we mark as the official beginning of Digital Freemasonry is because the Declaration on the Establishment of this International Organization was adopted then, it clearly states that all documents will be issued “exclusively” in the digital form by this Masonic organization.

Secondly, the Presidency of the World Union of Sovereign Lodges – LIBERTAS 5775 held a meeting on the same day, and it was concluded that in the next year all activities will focus on detailed analysis and preparation of conditions for this inevitable transformation into a digital form of Freemasonry.

These activities marked the entire year, until March 19, 2022. when the Second General Assembly of the World Union of Sovereign Lodges – LIBERTAS 5775 was held, at which the Declaration of the Establishment and Fundamental Principles of Digital Freemasonry was adopted, which was exclusively the result of hard and dedicated work in this one-year period.

The Declaration of Foundation and Fundamental Principles is the most significant and supreme act of Digital Freemasonry!

The Declaration also includes accompanying acts in the form of the Regulations and they are an integral part of it, with the purpose of prescribing in detail all the rights and obligations for certain individual segments in Digital Freemasonry. These policies are interchangeable, which means they can be changed as needed to improve or introduce new things. The amendment of these Regulations is carried out by the Official Digital Freemasonry Community.

Digital Freemasonry is not an organization, it is a new form of Freemasonry, which was created by transformation from speculative – which in turn was created by transformation from operative Freemasonry. The main difference between the first two forms is that the Digital Freemasonry is organized as a decentralized organizational form and is managed by the Official Digital Freemasonry Community.

We wish you a pleasant and rewarding stay on this site, and if you feel you could contribute to better development, feel free to join us at the Official Digital Freemasonry Community website.